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Municipality of Strenči

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Strenču novads

Strenči Municipality was formed in 2009 within Administrative territorial reform in Latvia merging 4 territories:
Strenči Town
Seda Town
Jērcēni rural municipality
Plāņi rural municipality
Strenči Municipality is situated in the North - Eastern part of Latvia, in Vidzeme Planning Region and it covers 375,73 km3 large territory.
The total population of the Strenči Municipality is 4203 (after census of 2011).
The administrative centre of the municipality is Strenči Town. It lies on the banks of river Gauja, the only out of the large rivers of Latvia, which begins and ends its flow in Latvia. Historical origin of Strenči town is involving Timber Rafting traditions which are proudly revived in nowadays. For the last 15 years on the third Saturday of May the annual Gauja Raftsmen Festival is held and since year 2011 Strenči Town has official status of International Timber Rafting City together with other European cities. Preservation of skills of the rafter profession is one of the reasons why every year a School of tradition is opened for young people who are interested in obtaining the skills on how a log raft is being made and lead down the river.
Significant part of Strenči Municipality territory is situated in Northern Vidzeme Biosphere reserve and Protected Landscape Area Ziemeļgauja.
To relive or catch a feeling of Soviet times a great experience can be gained while visiting Seda town, its central square with radiate street plan and so called Stalinist yellow architecture style. Nature reserve Seda`s Bog is crossed by the longest narrow-gauge railway in Latvia and it is one of the biggest bogs in our country which is an excellent bird conservation area (more than 100 species are nesting in the area).
Second largest oak is situated in Jērcēni rural municipality. Kaņepju oak is more than 800 years old and it`s perimeter is 9,4 m. A great cultural heritage value is Jērcēnmuiža manor – complex of 19th century neoclassicism with interesting historical stories.
One of the novelty in municipality is a meeting house in Jaunklidzis village (Plāņi rural municipality) which was opened in 2010 and architectonically is build alike 18th century Latvian folk building.
Residents and guests appreciate local traditions and actively take part in events organized by culture centers. Folk-dancing groups, choirs, poetic theatres are taking an active participation in cultural life of the municipality. Different NGO`s, associations are operating.
Annual festival of Strenči municipality is held on the first Saturday in August bringing all the people together and celebrating, enjoying culture programme and other interesting activities.