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Forest trail “What does the forest cherish” with 20 natural and created sights. More information available: Ms. Iveta Ence, tel.+371 9436275, or Mr. Vilis Krūmiņš, tel: +371 4723428

Most important events

The Gauja Rafters’ Festival is held every year on the third Saturday in May. Three days before the festival, rafts are being made at the Spicu bridge and the rafters’ expedition begins – they go down the river by raft. In the morning of the festival day, there is a raft welcome ceremony at the old oak. Later during the day, the rafters’ sports competitions take place and it is possible to taste traditional rafters’ food. You can enjoy cultural programme during the whole day, but the festival ends with evening music and an open-air party.

Evening music. You can listen to evening music on  Saturday’s evening from 21.00 to 22.00, in the period of time from the Rafters’ Festival (the third Saturday in May) to the Strenči Town Festival (the first Saturday in August). Musicians go down the river by boat decorated with flowers and candles and perform their favourite melodies. People can follow the boat and listen to music going along the Gauja bank from the reinforced concrete bridge or the old oak up to the place where the Strenčupīte falls into the Gauja.

Strenči Town Festival. During the festival, culture and sports events are held all day long. Traditional events are such as creation of a flower street, opening of art exhibitions, a fair, concerts, a closing party and fireworks.

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